Cherry Pi(e)

Mar 27 2015

This episode follows from the holiday break and Pi Day (3/14/15), and this episode will celebrate the occasion with some songs about cherries, and pi(e). As the name of the mathematical constant, pi was defined further in 1748 by Swiss mathematician Leonhart Euler (1707-1783) as an abbreviation of Greek periphereia “periphery.” Some of the peripheral pi topics by artists like Cherry Currie (of “Cherry Bomb” fame), the Cherry Poppin Daddies, Warrant, Amy Winehouse, and a favorite of this station, Zoe Boekbinder.

I’ll also address some recent happenings related to maraschino cherries in Brooklyn, NY, and the correlated commentary by Black Panthers’ rep Rap Brown: “Violence is as American as cherry pi.” Listen up, listen in :)

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