Feeling Calculator

Aug 11 2013

This is an episode about feelings and perception, or rather, how we break down subjective judgement into data for study, how we process and analyze sensory data, sensitive data, and how people often try to quantify sensual aspects of our everyday perceptive impulse. From the Luscher Color Test which assigns color affinity to numbers and eventually personality, to an episode of This American Life that distills attraction and interaction to a basic binary, this is about why we try to quantify self, and where feelings populate in the musical mood ring of our cultural memory. What about those intentions, those feelings, those senses that are more tacit and more visceral than some quant calculation could hope to contain in a similar economy of expression. So this is an episode about using your senses and acting on intuition, gumption, impulse and emotion, without all of the qualifications of the quantified self.

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