Jul 14 2013

In memory of the recently deceased, audio-engineer extraordinaire, Amar Bose, I decided to do an episode about stereo sounds. Bose applied wave-physics to better understand how to replicate concert-hall acoustics in interior speaker-space. So this episode pulls from those wave-mechanics to discusse wave-based instruments (the *Ond*ioline among them, precursor to the synth and “onde” or “wave” en francais, -based machine). Stereo means “solid,” and echo of fixity and stability, and to apply the maker movement to the music hacker and audio-re-engineer theme, this episode pulls together songs about fixing, and being fixed, about sterexperiments and electronic music. About the new trend of the “refix” as the unauthorized “remix,” or the “fixer movement” as a recycling-conscious alternative to the “maker movement.”

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