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Stereo Semantics is a radio show based on the semantic web, and that 70s show Connections. It's a show about the relationships between songs and artists, and the general interconnectedness of creative work. Each episode starts with a song, ends with its cover, and plays songs that connect the two, based on a theme. The episode title and description explains the theme, embedded mp3s archive the show, and linked tracklists and RelFinder Maps help you understand the relationships.

Check out the seasons here:

This Site

This is a base Jekyll theme; we added some weirdness because we are weird++. Every season is different, so check them all out! News stuff everyday, some of it broken but all of it jazzy. If you want to see where I used to store everything, check out (under Projects > Radio). Spoiler: it's not as cool.


Moonjelly is a librarian and developer in Brooklyn. Aubergene is a developer in NYC (and co-host for the 4th season!).

You can read more about us in humans.txt (remember the robots.txt too ;).